AppleByte is the person to person way to support artists. Using the emerging technology of digital currencies, AppleBytes can be given to any artist, anywhere in the world (Musicians, actors, film makers, directors, editors, producers, dancers, painters, sculptors, writers, photographers, designers, models, production team, all kinds of artists). Now art lovers can support their favorite artists directly. When a fan sees an artist’s work they appreciate, instead of just liking or faving them, fans can give them AppleBytes (which can then be converted to cash, used at restaurants, concerts, movies, theaters, etc). — Learn more at

You can see the total tips you have, simply by tweeting from your Twitter account: @ArtistGift balance. Our tipping app automatically recognizes your account (by your Twitter name) and in a few minutes tweets back, showing your balance. You can withdraw your balance (see below) or use part of it to tip your favorite artists.

To deposit and start tipping AppleBytes, please go to your Twitter account and tweet: @ArtistGift deposit. Within minutes the app will reply with your Tipping App wallet deposit address. Send a deposit to that wallet address just as you would with any other AppleByte transaction. In a few minutes, check your balance, by retweeting @ArtistGift balance.

Using Direct Messages

You can also use direct messaging to check your balance, deposit address, and to withdraw. If you haven't already, simply follow @ArtistGift and tweet @ArtistGift balance or @ArtistGift deposit. The bot will follow you back. From then on you can send it direct messages such as deposit, balance or withdraw YourAddressHere.

Once there is a balance in your Tipping App wallet (either from a deposit you made or tips you have received), you can send applebytes to your favorite artists anywhere in the world via Twitter. From your Twitter account, you can tweet a tip to your favorite artist using the following syntax:

@ArtistGift tip @ArtistTwitterAccount amount applebytes

You can also use give, gift, pay, reward or send instead of tip. They all work the same.

So for example:

@ArtistGift tip @TaylorSwift 100 applebytes will send 100 applebytes to Taylor Swift. If your tip was successfully sent, the Tipping App will favorite your tweet and send a tweet to Taylor Swift, letting her know you sent a 100 AppleByte tip and tell her how to redeem them.

➁ You can and should add comments at the beginning or end of the tweet. But you must include the keywords (in bold), in order and @AppleByteMe at the end. Both of the examples below are equivalent:

I really love your music! @ArtistGift tip @TaylorSwift 100 applebytes

@ArtistGift tip @TaylorSwift 100 applebytes Love your music!

Your comments can be anything, (“Love your work”, “Your paintings are beautiful”, “Heard your gig last night”) say what you want as long as the total tweet does not exceed 140 characters and the keywords are included in order.

And for a special event or some fun tipping, you can also tip several artists at once! In order to do that, use the tiprain command:

@ArtistGift tiprain @FavArtist1 @FavArtist2 @FavArtist3 100 will tip three artists 100 AppleBytes each.

For example: Love the Stones! @ArtistGift tiprain @MickJagger @KiethRichards @RonnieWood @CharlieWatts 100

You can tip as many artists as you can get in 140 characters.

Once you receive some AppleBytes you can either use them to tip others or you can move them to your own wallet. To move the coins to your own personal wallet, use the withdraw syntax. The whole balance will be sent to your address. Again, you can either use Direct Messages or tweet mentioning the bot as follows: @ArtistGift withdraw YourPersonalAppleByteWalletAddress

A fee of 0.1 ABY is charged upon withdrawal. This helps to make sure your transaction is processed quickly.