Get Started In Two Easy Steps

Get Started In 2 Easy Steps


STEP 1: Get your AppleByte Wallet.

There are two types of wallets, an online wallet or the wallet app for MAC, PC, or Android (for iPhone, use the online wallet).

For the online wallet, you simply login to and create an account. It is fast and easy to get started, but has less features than the wallet app you download.

Get your online wallet: Get Wallet Now

To get the full wallet app, simply click on the button below to download the appropriate version.


Start the Wallet App and allow several minutes for it to sync with the AppleByte network. When synced a green checkmark will appear in the lower right. NOTE: On newer MACS and some versions of Windows, you may get a installation warning, just click to override and install the app.

STEP 2: Pick some free AppleBytes in the AppleByte Orchard

You can earn free applebytes to support your favorite artists! Copy your Wallet address (found on the Receive Tab of the Wallet).

Then click on the AppleByte Tree to go to the Orchard.

Support your favorite artists
with AppleByte

Send a tip to your favorite artists with Twitter

Now you can tip applebytes to any artist with a twitter account, any where in the world.

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Buy Music with AppleBytes

Visit the AppleByte music site, purchase & download songs & albums, and pay with AppleBytes

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Get some AppleBytes!

You can buy AppleBytes with a credit card or bit coin. And you can create (mine) them.

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