12Feb 2015
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AppleByte funded 500+ artists in 2014, help us support thousands in 2015!

AppleByte is currently in Phase II of our fundraising to raise $1,000,000 to support thousands of artists in 2015.

The funds will be used primarily for advertising, staff, and upgrades to infrastructure.

We successfully completed Phase I in 2014, which proved our concept and developed the initial infrastructure for it all to work.

Here is what we accomplished in Phase I
  • The AppleByte Infrastructure and digital currency has been developed, tested and proven successful worldwide.
  • Over 500 artists have received awards, donations & tips of AppleBytes from the foundation and art lovers worldwide.
  • The foundation gives artists many places to redeem AppleBytes, including gift cards from Amazon, American Express, Visa, AMC Theaters, music downloads, restaurants and many others.
  • We have a dedicated social media community of 35,000+ artists & art lovers who discusses, supports and promotes artists around the world.
  • An app for tipping artists, allows fans to send tips & donations instantly to any artist, anywhere via their Twitter account.
  • A music download site that pays musicians 100% of the sales proceeds, (free to list, no fees ever), is now the highest paying music download site for musicians.
  • A wallet app that runs on MAC, Windows, and Android allows artists and fans to earn AppleBytes on their own, simply running in the background on their computer.
  • We have an established, experienced team of developers from the US, UK, Germany and Finland.
  • You can learn more about these features at

Please consider joining in our Phase II campaign so we can support thousands of artists in 2015!

Here is the link to our Indiegogo Campaign:
11Feb 2015
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Why support artists with AppleBytes, instead of cash?

What advantages are there in supporting artists with AppleBytes, as opposed to cash or other traditional methods of transferring money?

  • AppleBytes can be given by any fan, anywhere in the world, to artists anywhere in the world.
  • Fans or artists don’t need credit cards or bank accounts to give and receive AppleBytes.
  • There are no governmental, corporate or regional restrictions, telling fans who they can support.
  • Artists receive and can spend donations of AppleBytes almost instantly.
  • There are no fees for giving artists AppleBytes, compared to credit cards, Paypal or bank transfer fees, etc.
  • Many artist and fans wish they could support their favorite artists, but simply do not have the extra cash. With AppleByte fans and artists can actually earn AppleBytes by linking their computers to support the AppleByte network.*
  • Artists can also support themselves without taking time away from their creative efforts, just by connecting their computers to the network*
  • AppleByte provides a focused, dedicated community of artists and art lovers, providing exposure of an artist’s work to fans around the world**
  • And of course, AppleBytes can be converted to cash, with no fees charged!***
  • AppleBytes can be saved as a speculative investment. The history of digital currencies demonstrates that as new digital currencies become more widely used, they tend to appreciate in value. Will AppleByte follow this trend? Perhaps, but there are no guaranties.****


* See “How it works” and “Mining AppleBytes” on

** The AppleByte art community currently has more than 35,000 members via social media (FaceBook, Twitter, and our Forum).

*** The AppleByte Foundation provides many ways AppleBytes can be converted to cash. See our current places to spend AppleBytes:

**** Investing and saving digital currencies is a very high risk venture. No one should hold more AppleBytes, than they could afford to lose.

8Feb 2015
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What are the top paying music download sites for musicians

How much do musicians earn for music sold online?


Per Track Download


$1.50*           AppleByte Music Store   (musician receives 300 applebytes, redemption rate is 300 = $1.50)**

$1.29            GhostTunes

$0.85            Bandcamp   (estimated as revenue share is based on a formula of “your balance vs sales”)

$0.74            Cdbaby                                   

$0.57            Cdbaby (via iTunes)           

$0.56            Reverbnation

$0.29            eMusic   (estimated, eMusic is a subscription service. The cost of the album will depend your plan)

$0.12            iTunes   (based on $0.94 per album x 8 songs)

$0.09            Amazon iTunes

$0.0022        Rhapsody Stream

$0.00029      Spotify Stream

$???             Soundcloud   (paid from add revenue)

Source data gathered directly from each music download site

* Rate subsidized by the AppleByte Foundation.

** AppleByte is a digital currency used to support musicians & all types of artists. Places to redeem AppleBytes are listed on the AppleByte forum, and update regularly: 

For general information on AppleByte, see the main website:

To list your music on the AppleByte Music Store, go here:

28Jan 2015
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What does the name AppleByte or AppleByteMe mean?

Applebyte is the name of the digital currency.

There is an old saying about artists in NYC (where AppleByte was founded):

“Come to New York and take a bite out of the Big Apple”

It refers to artists trying to make it in the biggest, most competitive art market in the world, NYC. So we support artists trying to “take a bite of the Big Apple” whether that means, NYC, Paris, London, Rome, Tokyo - any city in the world.


AppleByteMe is the name of the website:

It came about when a local NYC artist coined the phrase, “If you love me, AppleByte me!”

And it means that to really support an artist - favs, likes and retweets are nice, but a tip or donation of AppleBytes provides more than just an expression of appreciation, it is real financial support.


28Jan 2015
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Join the Revolution

As an artist or art lover, we invite you to join the Revolution!

AppleByte is a great community where fans can support the artists they like, not just with favs, likes, or RTs, but with a real token of appreciation that has monetary value.

AppleByte uses the new technology of digital currencies to give real support to artists.
You can learn all about how it works and where you can spend applebytes at:

Join our community of dedicated artists and art fans!


If you are an artist:

Create a free listing in our Artist Listing Section:


If you are an art fan:

Introduce yourself to the community and let everyone know your interests:


NOTE - Artists are also fans, so you can do both!